A car is no longer a luxurious commodity. Several people find it more convenient to travel in their own vehicles instead of availing the public transportation services. Procuring a car is a sound investment but since it’s your most valued property you need to protect it from any damage. Of course, you can equip it with some safety features but still there is always a possibility of a mishap on the road. All automobile centers have made it mandatory to buy a basic insurance coverage for the car.

Many people find it difficult to maintain their insurance documents. For this reason, some of them avoid renewing their policy. Howbeit, now several private insurance companies are making this process trouble-free for their holders. Accidental deaths are on the rise. Driving an uninsured car could be a risky affair. If by any chance your car runs over another vehicle, a pedestrian or a stationary object then you have to pay for the entire damage.

Many individuals are ready to take monetary aid from financial institutions to buy a swanky car. However, they feel reluctant to pay a yearly or monthly premium for the same vehicle. After making such a huge investment, it would be unfair to drive the car without protecting it with an insurance cover. Your routine life might go haywire when your uninsured car undergoes a major damage. Besides, in a severe road collision you might get badly injured and require immediate hospitalization.

It is even more important to think about the loss of the third party. Put simply, if your car damages someone else’s vehicle then your insurance policy will cover the latter’s loss. A full coverage car insurance policy gives all-round protection to your automobile. Nonetheless, for a common man buying all the coverages may burn a hole in the pocket. According to insurance experts, a minimum insurance coverage does not provide ample protection in collision damage.

A minimum insurance plan compels the insured to be more financially responsible. This means, for non-collision damage or personal accidents, your auto insurance policy will not be able to provide you any monetary protection. The same goes with third party property loss. Additional coverages would at least make your car less vulnerable to all the other types of damages. In some cases, the driver and co-passengers remain unscathed after a major accident. Of course, the vehicle goes completely out of shape but the insured is not harmed. However, not all of us can be that lucky. Hence, it’s always better to keep your liabilities in mind and then come to a sane decision.

All of us want our cars to be adequately covered without paying extra for the various coverages. Cheap auto insurance policies are available but you have to spend some time shopping. At one stroke, you are seldom going to find a cheap insurance cover. The advent of insurance comparison portals have, nonetheless, made it easier to buy car insurance online in India. Firstly, you need to decide how much coverage you really need. By comparing multiple insurance quotes, you can purchase a low-priced cover for the car. Car insurance comparison is not a laborious task as you can sit at home and compare policies for hours. 

12 Jun 2014