Algorithmic Trading or Automated Trading is a trade account management through specialized MetaTrader 5.  Trading robots are applications that can analyze quotes of financial instruments as well as execute trade operations on the exchange markets and Forex.

Trading robots can completely replace a trader by performing operations on financial markets.

A specialized integrated development environment MQL5 IDE is included in the MetaTrader 5 algorithmic trading components.

This development environment includes the whole cycle of trading application development that allows the traders to create, debug, test, optimize and execute trading robots.

Acquiring a Trading Robot for MetaTrader 5

The trader can greatly enjoy all the benefits of trading robots even if he does not have any background in programming. On top of the Expert Advisor development environment, MetaTrader 5 offers options for free download, rent or purchase a lot of applications.

Ordering a custom trading robot from a professional programmer is also an option aside from the above-mentioned advantages.

MetaTrader Market is the biggest online store in which you can purchase or rent several different trading applications that can complement every preference and budget.

There is a free trial on any product from the Market in which can help in buying decisions. Payment for a selected robot can be done directly in the platform using the preferred payment method. It is all set after the payment is done.

MQL5 Code Base also offers free download of thousands of trading robots and indicators. The platform provides the direct access to the Code Base so that the trader can choose and download applications while trading.

If there is a problem searching an application with a needed feature from the Code Base or Market, the trader can order a customized application from a professional programmer.

Through MLQ5 Freelance, there are hundreds of developers offering their services to develop a custom robot in the shortest possible time and at most reasonable price.

Developing Own Trading Robot

MQL5 IDE offers wide functionality and user-friendly choices for developers of any skill level. Beginners can generate a simple trading robot using the MQL5 Wizard.

These features of MQL4 IDE are an advantage for experienced and professional developers:

  • MetaEditor- editor of strategies which provides highlighting of codes options, a debugger, and a compiler
  • MLQ5 language of trading strategies- high level programming language that offers highest calculation speed, C++ like syntax, object-oriented architecture etc.
  • Execution module to run trading applications – In the form of MetaTrader 5, it allows to test applications with a lot of brokers globally.
  • Strategy Tester- test with support for optimization, visual testing, genetic algorithm, a spread network of testing representatives, etc.
  • Documentation – a complete description of all language constructs. Open the Language Reference if you encounter problems.
  • – a community of Expert Advisor developers. It also contains a unique knowledge base and provides additional services that can monetize skills. There’s a lot of things that can be done such as read articles, communicate with other developers, develop custom applications for traders via Freelance service, sell applications through the Market and more.

Any trader can easily learn how to develop his own trading robots with all these tools and services. Write programs for personal use or sell them to other traders for a fee.

1 May 2021